Let’s Get Ahead of Ourselves, Baby!

© 2011 Siobhan O’Malley


1. Teach Your Woman Well
2. I Spy
3. Let’s Get Ahead of Ourselves, Baby
4. Eat What You Want
5. The Books

Alibi Bye

© 2009 Siobhan O’Malley


1. Give My The Creeps

2. Science Can’t Be Coy

3. I Might have to Deal Drugs in Order to Afford to Live in This City

4. Heartland, Heartburn

5. It’s Not Yesterday

6. Brilliant Petty Crime

7. A Future Me

8. The Reminder

9. Squinting Optometrist

10. The Fundy Bay Forecast

11. In With the Old

12. There, There

Permanent Markers

© 2002 Siobhan O’Malley

Produced by Steve Rossiter at Axis Sound (for more info, check out axissound.com)


1. Slips My Mind

2. Dress Down

3. Just Four Times More

4. It’s Not Yesterday

5. The Fundy Bay Forecast

6. Belly Under

7. A Future Me

8. Tell-tale Sign

9. Fool Girl Parade

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