Emails. House Concerts. And Music Together.. OH MY!


You want House Concerts? I got House Concerts!


Here is the deal.  You like music.  You live with a roof over your head.  You enjoy my music.  You have friends.  You want to invite your friends over.  You’d like some music for them, for God’s sakes!  Why don’t you email me and I can help!  I’ve been performing at house concerts…they are great, intimate shows and people really seem to enjoy them.  I will come, play for a couple hours, and ensure everyone has a good time.  Email me for details.  I will be happy to oblige.  I even have testimonials I can send you of people who invited me into their homes and had a great time…


I also teach Music Together (with City Kids Music, Eastside Westside Music Together and Big Apple Music Together) classes, all over NYC.  Music Together has been around 25 years and is a research-based (but fun!) program.  Great for families, great for kids!  Email me to try a class!

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