Siobhan released the EP “Let’s Get Ahead of Ourselves, Baby!”, produced by Steve Rossiter at Axis Sound.  Her song, “I Spy,” from that EP was recently featured in a commercial for the store Linda & Harriet.

Music blog Hypnopomp and Circumstance says “the range of styles on ‘Alibi Bye’  {Siobhan’s second album] is breathtaking”.   Her funny and witty lyrics can often tell stories from just a few words. 

Her musical peers seem to be in agreement: 

  • Acclaimed singer-songwriter Ruth Gerson (recently on “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson”) calls Siobhan and her work “amazing” and “interesting and inventive…creative and beautiful” and
  • power-pop super-star Mike Viola (of the Candy Butchers) says Siobhan is “fantastic, super self expressive, [she] dive[s] deep and surface[s]”.
  • The website The Sheila Variations said of “Alibi Bye”: Each song is its own complete world, you don’t feel a sense of same-ness, like you’re just hearing the same song tricked up over and over again. And it all feels completely right, when heard together. It works as a whole.”

Siobhan signed with the NYC-based indie label, Blue Cocoon.  The album that emerged from these sessions, the well-praised “Alibi Bye”, includes top-tier studio musicians from throughout the city Steve Doyle on bass, Lonnie Soloway on drums, Doug Shank on dobro and Roger Lent on horns. 

  • Hypnopomp and Circumstance said “Alibi Bye”   “gives the listener a lifeline, and by doing so [Siobhan] positions herself as a kind of humorous shaman, guiding us through our own treacherous terrain”. 

She also wrote  music for the indie movie, titled “Broccoli”, written and directed by Ann Husaini.

With her unique sound and smart lyrics, Siobhan O’Malley is one artist to watch!


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